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November 14th 1998...

2:50 PM John- I DIDN'T get my Office 2000 Beta 2, but will recieve it next week or so. I hear everyone talking about the MSN.com Explorer Bar for IE 5 Beta 2, there are a few more Explorer Bars, like the NY Times, and they're right here.

November 13th 1998...

2:05 PM John- Guess what.... I just got a NDA from MS to beta test for DirectX 7!!!! You can sign up also at DirectX@microsoft.com, be sure to include some info about yourself and an address. I'm not gonna do a review on all of Office 2000.....just the programs I'm familiar with, not Excel or Access. I fuc*ing agree!

7:20 AM John- We're very confused about the dates so bare with us!!!! DirectX 7 News. Microsoft says bye to Chromeffects. So we haven't updated the poll in a million years, but it's hard to make up a new one. OFFICE 2000!!! I can't wait! You can buy it here, but it won't ship until Monday. Minimum day today, but I have to get a haircut so I'll update around 1:30 PM. See you guys later.

November 12th 1998...

4:30 PM John- New builds of IE 5 and Win2000. YES! I've just confirmed with MS I'll be getting Office 2000 Beta 2(that includes FrontPage 2000) on Saturday!!!!!! For free(I love my life:-)!!!!!!! Added RealPlayer to the Downloads Section.

7:20 AM John- Windows NT 5(err... Windows 2000) Mini-camp. And NeoPlanet final wasn't released....

November 10th 1998...

5:30 PM Ken- Microsoft has announced a public release of Office 2000 Beta 2. You will be able to purchase it from Microsoft for $19.95. Click here to learn more. Also NeoPlanet 2.0 final is available download it here.

November 9th 1998...

4:00 PM John- Microsoft has gone too far. Well thats it....

12:00 PM Ken- As of Monday my e-mail address kenneth@pipcom.com will not work. I'm changing ISP's and upgrading to a cable modem, my other e-mail address litestep@email.com will forward to my new one I get Monday. Not a lot is happening in Microsoft Land so I guess that's it :-).

7:20 AM John- You can download DirectX 6.1 Beta RC 0 here. DirectX 7 news (finally). Added a few new IE 5 Beta II Tips. Moved over Old News. Bye.

November 7th 1998...

7:10 PM John- FrontPage 2000 News! John's Windows Info Site is still an open site.... XOOM is just having server troubles.

3:00 PM Ken- Betanews.com has reported that a new build of Windows 98 SP 1 has been released to testers. The new build number is 4.10.2098, no news on what's new in this build I will try to find out and post it here.

1:20 PM Ken- I've posted my review of ICQ 99a, read it here.

1:20 PM John- I fixed Ken's 3DCC98 theme below(the link I mean). A Review of 3D Color Changer '99! Yes, '99. Yesterday I got a little game called Quake 2, you might have heard of it..... also I got an MS Sidewinder game pad(the one without the throttle) to find out it doesn't work with Quake 2.... Lost my receipt, so $40 down the drain....... I hate my life :-). Bye.

9:30 AM Ken- Added a Windows NT 5 Theme for 3D Color Changer 98 to the Downloads section, and I should have a ICQ 99a review up later today.

November 6th 1998...

7:30 PM Ken- John Fellin of John's Windows Info Site has verified for us that the ICQ 99a beta is virus free, Thanks John!. So what are you waiting for DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

7:20 AM John- You should download ICQ 99a ALPHA here, which is on an extremely fast server and best of all it's compressed, which means less download time! This file is direct from ICQ so it's virus free! No update for me after school..... I'm gonna go see the movie The Waterboy..... looks funny. Office 2000 Delayed. NeoPlanet news. New Top 5. Ken might do a review for ICQ 99a. Remember this is ALPHA, but it's not old..... That's what the installer says, that it's alpha.

November 5th 1998...

7:30 PM Ken- You can download the ICQ 99a beta here (3.36mb)... I've checked it and found nothing, but be warned it may be infected with a virus!

3:53 PM John- We will son have ICQ 99a Beta available for download, in the mean time, back-up your, Program Files/ICQ/Db file...... We might not post the file because it could be infected with a virus.....

3:30 PM Ken- My friend has given me a ICQ 99a Beta screen shot to post notice the new Services button... See it here.

November 4th 1998...

8:00 PM Ken- NeoPlanet beta 2 build 315 has been released download it Here...

3:30 PM John- Blake over at The System Informational Website has released Windows 98 SP 1, I've tried it and it doesn't work for me..... so I can't say anything...... It there are server problems there.

7:05 PM John- IE 5 Beta 2 has been publicly released(It's the same version as last Friday, nothing has changed). Windows Update finally gets an update. ICQ '99a Features!

November 3rd 1998...

4:30 PM John- I've been busy for the last few days, but news wasn't really a plenty either. Office 2000 Beta 2 Package.

November 2nd 1998...

9:00 PM Ken- Just another little update I removed all of the old Windows 98 Screen Shots. No more news.

8:00 PM Ken- It looks like Microsoft is not going to release Internet Explorer 5 Beta 2 tonight as we reported last week. Earlier tonight, the Internet Explorer Beta Team announced that the build most of you downloaded (5.00.0910.1309) is the official Beta 2 release.

7:20 AM John- Moved over Old News. Added another IE 5 Screen Shot. We're going to change(most likely) to Code Name: Windows X and get a domain name..... I'm gonna get a domain name for X-mas, but we still need to raise money for the hosting charges, so please(I BEG YOU) visit our sponsors and click on the one of the ads at least once a week(please). Added a new link, FREExtreme. No news, so bye.

November 1st 1998...

11:00 AM John- I've updated every page in our IE 5 Section(except the downloads page). And on the main page you can download IE 5 Beta II, no hassle just download a small file and click on it and it'll work like a charm.


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