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The Top 5*

Internet Explorer Beta II FUN!! See our reviews.
ICQ 99a Beta The coolest instant messaging software ever. Now with a host of new features in this version.
WinZip 7 SR-1 WinZip is the best and it just got better in version 7.0.
3D Color Changer '98 A must if you love to tweak your UI. We can't wait for 3DCC'99(see this review).
John Pack One The best custom Startup & Shutdown Screens we've ever seen.

*not the most popular, but the coolest!

Get cool apps, themes, wallpaper, cursors and more from the download section. Choose a category on the left under Downloads to see the Downloads.

*.Zip file needs Winzip unless you have Plus!98(Compressed Folders) installed on your computer.

self-exe.gif (1776 bytes) A regular *.exe file, requires nothing.

A Microsoft Authorized(from Microsoft) File, App, or Driver.

Some files and utilities here will work in Windows 95, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 and Windows 98 they are marked with a *.

Some files or utilities have Special Requirements and those are marked with a ^.

If you have Windows 98 you already meet the minimum system requirements for all programs unless stated otherwise.

Download at your own risk.

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