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   There are many ways of linking to Code Name: Windows X. Simply paste the HTML on your site. All Buttons were designed by Jake Pujara, thanks Jake!

1. A simple text link(a.k.a. hyperlink) will due:

Code Name: Windows X

<a href="http://www.CodeNameWinX.com">Code Name: Windows X</a>

2. Small Buttons:

rounded :

Code Name: Windows X

square :

Code Name: Windows X

<a href="http://www.CodeNameWinX.com/"><img src="http://www.CodeNameWinX.com/link_to_us/FILENAME.gif" alt="Code Name: Windows X" WIDTH="89" HEIGHT="32" border="0"></a>

3. Big Buttons:

big :

Code Name: Windows X

bigani :

Code Name: Windows X

<a href="http://www.CodeNameWinX.com/"><img src="http://www.CodeNameWin.com/link_to_us/FILENAME.gif" alt="Code Name: Windows X" WIDTH="111" HEIGHT="41" border="0"></a>

4. Long Buttons:

long (WS= 137):

Code Name: Windows X

redside (WS=121):

Code Name: Windows X

<a href="http://www.CodeNameWinX.com/"><img src="http://www.CodeNameWinX.com/link_to_us/filename.gif" alt="Code Name: Windows X" WIDTH="WS" HEIGHT="38" border="0"></a>



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