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   Code Name: Windows 98(and it's design) is a trademark of the Code Name : Windows X Team Members. "Windows", "Outlook", "MS-DOS", "FrontPage", "Internet Explorer", "Office", "Word", "Excel", "Access", "Microsoft" and their logos are Registered Trademarks of Microsoft. Other third party titles are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. We do not endorse them.

    This site is not funded, supported or related to Microsoft Corp or any other Windows sites in any way. We are a totally independent site working to help people with the release of Windows 98, released on June 25th, 1998 and of course other releases of Office, Internet Explorer, FrontPage, Etc.

    All published materials in this site are Copyright © Properties of Code Name: Windows X and the Code Name: Windows X Team.  You may take any images and QUOTE US BUT may not steal exact text WITHOUT QUOTING US at least put text in your own words.  We will usually allow stolen text as long as it is clearly stated that it is a copyrighted material from Code Name: Windows X as a reference(you must quote us and link to us).

    Although you may take some ideas from this site, please do not copy every single design of this site.  We have worked hard on the site and taking our hard-worked ideas just like that is an insult to us.  We will allow it if there aren't direct imitations. We respect you and your choice. Please respect ours too.


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