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Internet Explorer 5 Main Page

November 12, 1998

   The newest build of IE 5 is 5.00.910.1900 (instead of 5.00.910.1309). This build is in Windows 2000. (Stefan98.com)

November 1, 1998

   Download this if you want IE 5 Beta II now!!!!!!!

October 31, 1998

   If you really want Beta II of Internet Explorer 5 give this a try:

OK, for
those of you who can't wait until Monday...

1) Run the executable IE5SETUP.EXE
2) Don't answer any prompts at the first screen.
3) Go to your systems's temporary directory (c:\temp typically) and copy the Ixp000.tmp directory to another directory name (i.e. c:\temp\ie5).
4) Quit the previous installation.

Sidebar: What we've done so far is extract the installation files to a permanent directory for modification. If you use WinZip 7, this can be accomplished an easier way (just extract all the files from IE5SETUP.EXE)

5) Open the file iesetup.inf file and search for "http". Go down a couple lines to find the URL2="http://........ie5sites.dat". Replace with URL2="C:\temp\ie5sites.dat"
6) Copy the file IE5SITES.DAT from the URL you used to get the file IE5SETUP.EXE.
7) Change the URL in the first line to "http://mssjus.www.conxion.com/msdownload/ie5/b2/x86/en" - You can also change the description of this first site to something else so you can verify if what you've done so far is correct.
8) Now just run the file ie5wzd.exe from this directory and choose the first site (the one you modified in step 7).(Source- Windows 98 Central)

Check out our reviews of IE 5 Beta 2 or take a tour of IE 5 Beta 2.

October 30, 1998

Download IE 5 Beta 2 Setup File

Whats New in IE 5 Beta 2

  • The Internet Explorer 5 Browser is much smoother than it previously was.
  • Compatibility Mode - Means you can install Internet Explorer 5 - but also have Internet Explorer 4 Computability, very cool for all web designers.
  • You now have a GO button on your taskbar, pretty pointless if you ask us, but there we go - you can remove it via the Internet Options thankfully.
  • IE now saves the settings for windows that you last had opened...I.E. if you open up Full Screen Mode, then close the browse, the next time you open Internet Explorer 5, it will be in Full Screen.
  • The long-awaited Vector Graphics (VML) support has been added. Vector Graphics are extremely small to download - as you'll know if you have used Flash animations.
  • FormAutocomplete - Wonderful, this really speeds up working with forms.
  • Internet Explorer 5 Options have now moved to TOOLS | INTERNET OPTIONS.
  • Outlook Express 5 - Outlook Bar has been put back.
  • The Trident engine for Outlook is much improved over previous versions.

(Source: ActiveIE)

October 29, 1998

  Internet Explorer 5 Beta 2(Public)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 26, 1998

    A source from Microsoft(yes, we do have source...) said,"We're fixing up some new features[for IE 5] and we have no release date it'll be released when we're done."

October 22, 1998

   According to Internet Explorer project managers, the public preview form of Beta 2 will not be released for another two to three weeks (within 12 days reported by Active Windows).(Active PC Network)

October 18, 1998

   IE 5 Beta II has been released to Windows Update Beta Testers, seems IE 5 Beta II might go public sooner than we thought.

October 17, 1998

   Internet Explorer 5 Beta 2 is set to be released to the public next week, says Active IE, but this is probably untrue... it might be relewased to SBN members next week but not to the public.

October 16, 1998

   In the October 14 post we said that IE 5 has the same bug as IE 4, that is not true, sorry.

October 14, 1998

   The IE bug that lets people see your hard drive is also apperent in IE 5. Noe here's our poll results!

The Code Name: Windows 98 Poll

Are you going to download the public beta of IE 5?

Yes. (55) 44%
No. (52) 42%
Maybe/Haven't Made up my Mind. (18) 14%

125 Total Votes

October 8, 1998

486/66 (Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0), or Digital PC AXP/150 MHz (Windows NT 4.0 for DEC Alpha)
Operating system:
Windows 95 or Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 (if you are running Windows NT 4.0, you must download Windows NT Service Pack 3 before you can run the Internet Explorer 5.0 Developer Preview Release)

Memory requirements:
For Windows 95: 12 MB RAM for minimal installation, 16 MB RAM for standard installation and Outlook™ Express
For Windows 98: 16 MB RAM
For Windows NT: 16 MB RAM

Disk space required to install Internet Explorer 5.0 (approximate):
56 MB for minimal installation, 72 MB for standard installation

Disk space required to run Internet Explorer 5.0 (approximate):
40 MB for minimal installation (includes Internet Explorer 5.0 Web browser and multimedia enhancements)
47 MB for standard installation (adds Microsoft Outlook Express to the minimal installation)

Download sizes (depending on your operating system and current browser version):
8-11 MB for minimal installation, 18-20 MB for standard installation

Time required for download (approximate, over 28.8 modem):
0.75 hour for minimal installation, 1.25 hours for standard installation

Source- Microsoft

September 29, 1998

   It could be.... yes it is Internet Explorer is the most popular browser in da world!!!!(Source-News.com). We can contribute this to Netscape says that they were going to add IE 4 features to their 5.0 version I'm sure many Netscape users felt why wait if the features are so good, and they download IE 4 or 5. Added some more IE 5 bugs from J.T. Wenting.

September 23, 1998

   IE 5 Beta II will be up on the SBN a few weeks before the Public Beta comes out. I'm(John) gonna wait for the Public Beta because it'll probably be safer(for the public) and be more up to date.

September 22, 1998

  IE 5 public is behind schedule and is now slated for a November release.

September 18, 1998

   Updated all the pages in this section. And it's rumored the IE 5 will be able to have IE 4 and 5 on the same computer.

September 17, 1998

   IE5 looks the same as IE4, but Microsoft says that final release may change a lot.(Source-Windows98 JoteSite)

September 16, 1998

   To clear things up Beta 2 was released a few months ago, the public Beta will be Beta 2 so when webmasters say IE 5 Beta II will be released in October they mean the public Beta.  And yes the public Beta will be released in October. Wondering where the hell the Windows Desktop Update went in IE 5?  If so go here.

New Features

  • Delivers a fast, stable, rich, development environment for authors creating applications that employ Dynamic HTML
  • Boasts improved support for key standards, including the Document Object Model (DOM), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Is delivered as a set of reusable components that can make your application's HTML-viewing and editing tasks a snap to implement
  • Makes the power of DHTML available for everyone through a new feature, DHTML Behaviors
  • Other Features and Enhancements

  • Ability to save Web Pages with all related graphics and contents
  • Web pages download faster than before
  • Full FTP Support with drag and drop capabilities
  • Customizable toolbars allow you to remove unwanted buttons
  • A new Organize Favorites dialog box makes it easy to maintain your favorite sites
  • An improved Search Bar and Search button
  • A new command for rearranging and renaming start menu and favorites menu shortcuts
  • For a full review of the new features and enhancements visit WinPlanet's IE5 Review.

    Copyrightę 1998 of The Code Name: Windows X Team