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Windows 98

Windows NT 5

Office 2000

Internet Explorer 5
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Internet Explorer 5 Screenshots

Beta II


Downloading File

Finshed Downloading File

AutoComplete Settings


Form AutoComplete

FTP support in IE 5

DNS Error

Import/Export Wizard

Tip of the Day

New History

Go Button

Darker >>(Notice Another Go Button)

HTTP 404 Error


Internet Options- Security

Internet Options- Programs

Internet Options- Advanced

New Internet Connection Wizard

Outlook Express 5

Outlook Express Send(notice the new encrypt button)

About OE 5

About IE 5

Self Repair Add-on

Address Bar

Customize Installation

Folder View


Customize Buttons

New Favorites Organize

Note: The Discuss Button IE 5 Beta 2 is actually a part of Office 2000, also the FTP pic that was under Dev. Preview was really a Beta 2 shot and we've moved it accordingly.

Dev. Preview Release

Internet Explorer 5's About box


Customize installation

Customize Buttons

IE 5's new Organize Favorites

Outlook Express 5

New OE 5 Features

New Address Book

> Icon

IE 5's HTTP 404 Error

New Synchronize Feature

Start Menu Right Click, Notice the Sort By Name Feature

Quick Launch Rename


Screen Shots from Ourselves, Windows 98 Central, Stefan98.com, Memphis97.com, BetaNews.com, and The Protosite.


Copyrightę 1998 of The Code Name: Windows X Team