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Cool Links


Active Windows : A cool Windows site from the people who made Active IE.

FREExtreme : A new site with a lotta tips and downloads.

John's Windows Info Site : A new Site that has a lot of potential(it's by one of our fans :-).

Memphis 97 : News about beta programs including Windows NT 5 and the new Chromeffects also has news about Windows 98.  Not updated a lot.

Microsoft Windows 98 Website : The official Windows 98 website.

Stefan98.com : NT 5, Win98, Office 2000? They're all here.

Windows98.org : You can look here for other Windows 98 related links.

Windows 98 Central : You can find lots of information and help for Windows 98.  Updated daily.

Windows98 JoteSite : A site with great downloads and Win98 information. It has it's own software co.(JaSMiN) that makes only good stuff!

Windows 98 Megasite : A site with lots of useful information and tips that will help you customize Windows.

Windows Update : The official place for Windows 98 Updates and Add-ons.

ZdNet Windows 98 : ZdNet's Windows 98 Website. It offers a huge amount of information about the OS.

Internet Explorer

Active IE : The most visited IE site besides Microsoft's.

IE Info site: Great Info for all versions of IE.

Internet Explorer's Homepage : The official Internet Explorer website.


The Official Office 2000 Site : The place to get Office 2000 news directly from Microsoft.

Office Update : Windows Update for Office.

Beta Programs

BetaNews.com : Inside information on products not yet released.

Beta Test : A little site with a lot of content including a news letter.  Updated often.


Netigen Web : A cool site that has everything for and about software.

TechNet Central : A site that has info and downloads for tons of products, has Win98 info too.

Winfiles.com : A cool place to get downloads for anything and everything.


CNET : A cool tech site with sister sites like Download.com, Browsers.com, etc.

Lockergnome : Get free daily Windows 9x/NT news letters.

News.com : Keeps you up to date with the latest tech news.

The System Informational Site : It's great for all you hardware buffs.

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