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FAQ and Awards


What does FAQ mean?

Frequently Asked Questions!

What does FAQ have to do with Awards?

Nothing, just one page is easier than two, we're very lazy...

You guys always mention ICQ, what is ICQ?

ICQ (I Seek You) is a very, very popular instant messaging program. It has many features for e-mail support, chat, many sounds, internet programs, and more. Download it from http://www.icq.com.

What is the best browser in the world?

Internet Explorer 5, baby..... yeah!!!

Why are you guys so pro-Microsoft?

We believe Microsoft is great, but if they make a bad product we will criticize them, but Microsoft DOES make some of the finest products on the market.

What about Netscape?

We find it funny that Netscape is going to integrate IE features in it next version of Navigator, if IE is so bad why are you putting in IE features? But, to answer the question, we love IE and if Netscape comes up with a browser that is better than IE we will embrace it, but Netscape has failed to do so since IE 4 came out.

How do I become an affiliate? What duties does becoming an affiliate behold?

Send an e-mail to John@CodeNameWinX.com, to become an affiliate (your site has to have something to do about computers). Your duties will be: nothing.... just put a link to us on you main page ands we'll do the same!

What's the history of this site?

It all started around May 1998: John Jensen made his own South Park/Simpsons Fan Site, then made a Windows 98 Info Page. He soon moved to Tripod were he spawned new sections and dropped the South Park Pages. John lost access to his primary e-mail address and bought a new e-mail address along with web space and a short URL (http://john.thecomputer.com) in August, 1998. At that URL he made up a name for his site: Code Name: Windows 98, and build many new sections, and pages. His site became the talk of many major sites after people where in amazement that John, the webmaster, was only 13. In late August/early September, 1998 Bader joined the site and developed a entire new design, the same one you're viewing now. In October, 1998 Ken joined the Code Name: Windows 98 Team, since Bader is very busy Ken and John do most of the updating. On January 5th, 1999 at 4:00 PM (PST) Code Name: Windows X was launched with new sections, info, and features. Not to mention a new webmaster: Sean.

What's with you name, "Code Name: Windows X"?

Well, you can replace the X with CE, NT, 2000, 95, 98, etc. And the Code Name: Windows part, it's just a cool name..... it doesn't have any meaning.

What are all your jobs?

John- Head-webmaster/co-designer

Ken- Co-webmaster/Graphics helper

Omega- Co-webmaster/Graphics helper

Bader- Head designer

We all occasionally write reviews.

Do you guys have anything in common with each other?

Yes, we're all losers.


One of our awards!C One of our awards!N W [ .Creative Web Designs.
| .Best of the Best Web Animation. ]X SNIN Nominee Award

October 25, 1998

And Another Excellent Site to See...

The ActivePC Crew would like to give "thumbs up" to Code Name: Windows 98 [We have since changed our name and our URL] website for their excellent in-depth pages of information, news, and more... check them out!


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