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Updates & Add-ons


Office 97 SR-2- Fixes many bugs in Office 97, is now fixed itself!*^

Windows 95 Font Smoothing- Includes showing icons in full color and showing contents while dragging. A must to those without Plus!. Windows 95 Only(we call it an update because it's a must for 95 users)! ^

Dial-Up Networking Update- A security update for Windows 98 only. ^

Update for Outlook Express attachment issue for Windows 95/98. ^

FrontPage 98b Update. *


NT 5 Startup & Shutdown Sounds- Cool Sounds from NT 5. *

John Fellin's Windows 98 Wallpaper and Startup and Shutdown Screens(John Pack One)- This pack of Windows 98 Wallpaper and Startup and Shutdown Screens kicks royal ass!!!!*

Cool Stuff- All of our favorite Apps, Utilities, and Add-ons. Includes sounds, icons, wallpaper, and the best apps/utilities!*

IE Powertoys- for IE4, 4.01 and 4.01 SP1 under Windows 95/98/NT. ^* ms.gif (218 bytes)

Windows 98 & Plus! 98 startup screens, (logo.sys etc). * ms.gif (218 bytes)

Plus! 98 desktop wallpaper. * ms.gif (218 bytes)

Tweak UI- for IE4/5 on Windows 95 and Windows 98 *

OpenGL 3D Screensavers.  5 3D screen savers from OSR2 (Windows 95 only, NOT OSR 2 or Windows 98). ^

zip-file.gif (1397 bytes) Windows NT 5.0 Theme for 3D Color Changer 98- A theme from our own Ken!


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