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Apps & Utilities

Go!Zilla- This is a great program for all you mass downloaders(who isn't one), it will let you complete a download even if you had to reconnect because your connection went dead. This program very simple to use yet very powerful.

RealPlayer- Download the 5.0 version or the G2 version of this great media software for free(G2 is the newer version). * 

Internet Explorer 5 Beta II- Worth a try and as stable as any beta build could be. A cool upgrade for any 'net surfer! * ms.gif (218 bytes)

WinZip 7.0 Final(SR-1)- A compression and decompression utility that works on many file type, but best on *.zip files. Related files include the Browser Add-on(a must for non-Plus!98 users) and the WinZip Self Extractor 2.1. *

3D Color Changer 98- This a really cool app! It changes the colors of more items than Windows counterpart, and you can save your own color themes(aka schemes). * 

ICQ- Download the latest version of this popular instant messenger type software. * 

AtomTime98 2.0a- Make your clock as accurate as possible with this app. * 

IE 4 Tweakin' Tool- A Great app, Works on/Requires IE 4 and IE 5(be sure to read the Readme.htm file). ^ *

DirectX 6 Control Panel Icon!!!- It's an *.exe but you'll still need Winzip or Plus!98 to extract it.  And we didn't put the MS.GIF here because it's not an official MS download but it is a file is in the SDK so it is a real Microsoft file. *

DirectX 6- for Windows 98.^

DirectX 6- for Windows 95.^

Turns off IE 4 integration in Win95/98.  This is not a Microsoft file and untested, use it at your risk. *

Windows Media Player version 6.0- Updates the old Media Player in Windows 9x and can play almost any type of media format including Windows Media(formerly NetShow), RealAudio and Video 4.0 and much more.*

Outlook 98- an excellent PIM with lots of great features including mail and news support.*

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