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Hardware Drivers

Having Problems with you Win95 Graphic drivers then download DirectX 6 complete with graphic drivers. Windows 95 only. ^ ms.gif (218 bytes)

Microsoft Windows Infrared Driver- This is the driver for infrared devices for those of you who don't have OSR2.  Windows 95 Only and If you have OSR2 Don't download this (it's included OSR2 and Windows 98). ^ ms.gif (218 bytes)

Microsoft IntelliMouse Software IntelliMouse update - requires you to have the previous release (1.X) installed first (Version2.2a). * ms.gif (218 bytes)

Microsoft Sidewinder(Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Pro, Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro, Microsoft SideWinder game pad, and the Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro ) Driver updates(3.02)Requires DirectX 5 or Later and 16 MB of RAM and a 3.0 or higher browser. * ms.gif (218 bytes)

S3 STB 3Dfx
ATI VideoLogic 3Dlabs
Matrox Diamond AMD
Logitech Creative Labs Download.com's Driver Section
Acer Epson Active Window's Driver Database
Intel Canon Windows Update Win98 only!
Hercules 3com(U.S. Robotics) WinDrivers.com
Hewlett Packard Jazz Mr. Driver

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