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Archived News- September 1998

Wednesday 30th 1998...

3:50 PM John- Keep ICQ free gosh dernit! I'm going to do a little work on the Downloads Section and make another Cool Stuff Pack. The Office 2000 Section has been updated with some cool FrontPage 2000 news. I got a few suggestions for search engines, and no I don't have CGI, one was a link but it would take to much setup and would only search a number of pages instead of the whole site. Bye!

7:20 AM John- If you have a Webpage move dernit.... to here where you'll get unlimited webspace and a kinda small URL. NeoPlanet rocks! Do you know a site that offers free search engines for peoples sites? We've tried to setup a Hotbot one but we can't get it to work. Another bad news day.

Tuesday 29th 1998...

4:00 PM John- The feedback for the poll is big compared to our last poll on the poll page(we got a total of like 18 on the old one) and today already we've got 11, thats pretty good. With the IE leading thing that IE with the AOL browser which is like a skin for IE with some minor tweaks. so when get down to it IE is the leader because AOL is IE(confusing ain't it?). Downloading NeoPlanet and will do a review on it in the near future.

7:20 AM John- As you can see we've put up another poll, please vote. Anyway my personal notes are here to stay! We're getting rid of the Poll/Quick Quote page and replacing it with a Link to Us page with that we'll have, you guessed it, buttons! Someone is making a few logos and buttons for this site. I'll give him full credit when he's done. I said I would do review on the WMP 6.0 days back.... well, I decided not to because it lacks new features to review. Fixed the broken links and added more NT 5 Screen Shots. Internet Explorer the most popular browser in the world. Congrads to BetaNews.com who is now #1 in the world charts(we're all afraid of their hate stick :-).

Monday 28th 1998...

3:00 PM John- Hello! The Apps, Utilities, and Add-ons Page has been updated once more. Hmmm... what else? Server problems!!!! Those damn server problems kept us from updating this morning. It's not our fault, E-mail mailbank.com and tell 'em to get their act together. Slow news day!!!

Sunday 27th 1998...

10:40 AM John- Good morning, sorry for not updating a lot yesterday, I'm having way to much fun with this DVD thing :-). I was just gonna do a small plug on this but decided that it kicks ass! What am I talking about? John Fellin's Windows 98 Wallpaper and Startup and Shutdown Screens Pack, I put them on our Crosswinds Server here, also you can visit his Windows 98 Site here. I can't use the wallpaper because of my resolution, but the Startup and Shutdown screens are the BEST custom ones I've ever seen! The pack has earned a place on the Apps, Utilities, and Add-ons Page, also I've reposted the Cool Stuff Package, due to a popular demand(okay one request).

Saturday 26th 1998...

11:10 AM John- So there are bugs in Office 97 SR 2! Sorry for the late update, I was watching Stargate on DVD, and WOW! The voting process is go okay, I guess.... the score is 4-0(2 e-mails, 2 ICQs) for personal notes, people love my personal antics... these are all the ICQs and E-mail I got, if Bader got one I didn't know about it and so these points aren't really accurate. Got a new game last night called IAF, a cool looking game but I don't have a good enough video card and it crashes on me a lot so right now the game sucks, but when I get my new computer it'll look great says all the people who have reviewed the game.

Friday 25th 1998...

3:50 PM John- My dad and I are gonna get a DVD player tomorrow... we've already got a couple DVDs(don't ask why), they are Stargate and Austin Powers. We've removed Windows Watch from our links page because the webmaster has joined forces with Stefan98.com. Office 2000 Section Updated with some good news!

7:20 AM John- Finally the heaven we call Friday!!! Good morning. Moved over a lotta old news. The Windows Media Player 6.0 is really 6.0 it has a number of new bugfixes(and new bugs itself) it does seem to be a little faster but it is hard to find the changes since 5.02, but it looks pretty good(it must be, it's twice as big).

3:30 AM Bader- Hi! Just fixed the Windows NT5, IE5 and Office screenshots areas. Added a few more to the Windows NT5 Screenshots.

Thursday 24th 1998...

3:30 PM John- Hi! I have a big school project due tomorrow and put it off to the last minute so I'm in a big rush. I'm gonna download Windows Media Player 6 and get a review up soon. Updated Windows 98 downloads and the Misc. Downloads:Apps, Add-ons, and Utilities pages. That's all for now.

7:20 AM John- Hello everyone, I've gotta do a project today so the afternoon post will probably be short. Anyway, The Windows Media Player v6.00.02.0902 has been release(Source-Raze2k). Since there isn't a lotta news check all the links we have. See you at 3.

Wednesday 23rd 1998...

4:30 PM John, My first non-personal notes post to show you how it looks- The Screen Shots pages will be fixed late tomorrow. I wanna make a correction(not really a correction) the goal time of NT 5 Gold is March 1, 1999 so it will really be released around the 15th of march(if it all goes to plan), you should have been able to figure this out but if you wanted clarification here it is. Good Internet Explorer 5 news. There wasn't a lot of news today. I'll be here at 7:20 AM tomorrow with a personal notes enabled post. It is very important you give us your option on this one.

7:20 AM John- Hello fellow techies! I decided I'm gonna go full blast with the new computer.... Force Feedback Pro Joystick, 3Dfx card, and all the best hardware. Also I gonna buy the new Jane's game Israel Air Force, which will look great on my new system. Some of the Screen Shots won't work, sorry. No news.

Tuesday 22nd 1998...

3:55 PM John- The reason I made such a short post at 2:50 was because of the urgency of the news, BetaNews.com might had already had their hands on the story, and if I made a long post it would have taken me time and they could have posted it and my story is ruined. Got out of school at 12:00 PM but had a lotta homework. The IE 5 Section has been updated. Bye!

2:50 PM John- Breaking Story You heard it here first The NT 5 goal release date. The Windows 98 Section has been updated.

7:20 AM John- Good morning. I thinking about getting a Voodoo 2 card instead of an All-in-Wonder Pro.... this way I'll get a lot of fps when I buy Jane's F-15, an air combat sim. It seems a lotta games today have the 3Dfx logo on the box and I wanna take advantage of its technology. Updated the Contact Us Page(again), turns out the new e-mail wasn't working. The Office 2000 Section has been updated. Hourly DAT files for Mcfee Vscan 3.x??? dern skippy(Source-BetaNews.com). See you guys at three with twice as much homework.

Monday 21st 1998...

3:40 PM John- Hello! Updated Contact Us page once more. We're looking for some more products to post tips for, so if you can think of any products e-mail us. The Windows NT 5 Section has been updated.

12:00 PM John- Updated links.

8:25 AM John- Kinda good news, kinda bad news.... the car won't start so it means updates throughout the day. What sucks is I'll have twice as much homework tomorrow. Active Windows has updated their links page with a number of sites including ours.

7:20 AM John- Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday(this post will make up for it though ;-), there was no news and I spent most of the day starting a school project and signing up with Crosswinds. Crosswinds is my dream site/hosting service.... Unlimited Webspace, POP3 E-mail, and it's free!!!! The URLs are kinda long but not as long as Geocites' URLs. We're not moving the site, but we will put a lotta downloads on the Crosswinds server. Updated Contact Us Page.

    October is gonna be great month.... IE 5 Public Beta(Beta II), Office 2000 Beta 2, The Windows 98 SP, the Windows Update Critical Update Component, and more..... I'm gonna love this October. Microsoft said that Chromeffects Runtimes will be in new computers, that meet system requirements, starting this fall. I'm gonna get my new computer in November, my question is will Dell have the the runtimes in their computers by then? If you know e-mail me. If they aren't going to I'll wait until they do. I'm gonna get a 17.6 inch viewable monitor and either 64 or 96 Mb of SDRAM, one cool feature on the Dell Dimension XPFs are the two USB ports(I have a Microsoft Joystick that uses a USB connector). It'll come with an ATI 8 Mb Video Card(AGP), but I'll replace that with an All-in-Wonder Pro 12 Mb(AGP), also I'm gonna get a 10 Gig hard drive(finally I can click on the full install button, yes!). NT 5 Server FAQ.

Sunday 20th 1998...

10:20 AM John- Server Troubles!!! Linked by Netigen Web... hey, we're a top notch site, to think, this time I didn't even have to kidnap anyone :-). Thanks Raze2k! This is a question I'm hounded with on ICQ.... John what's your favorite Windows 98 Site? Well the two ones on my daily list are Windows 98 Central(1st) and Active Windows(2nd), but all my other favorites that I visit a lot are in the links section. Bye now.

Saturday 19th...

2:00 PM John- Added some new Windows 98 Screen Shots. And if Raze2k is reading this, I thought you were gonna link to us :-(. I some freak accident this site and Windows98 JoteSite were removed from Active Window's Links page, now this is the funny part it was overwritten by and older version updated with Bader's old site..... what twist of fate. The Protosite- SHUT DOWN! yes, it is finally confirmed.... we all knew this as happening but the webmaster did say that he might update soon before today but now that hope is long gone, bye we'll miss you{:'-(. Added five new Windows NT Screen Shots.

12:20 PM John- The link that I posted when I asked you to visit our sponsors was broken, so please visit our real sponsors. No news.

9:59 AM John- As you can see we've added an Active Channel(above), I'm not very fond of Active Channels, but it's easier than making bookmarks of all our sections. I'm kinda looking into a hosting service, 50 megs, no setup fees (except domain fee), FrontPage Server Extensions, etc...... my dad is disapproving, but imagine www.codenamewin98.com, ahhhh... well, what you gonna do... but back down to earth we aren't making enough money to even get the check for our ad service, we'll need at least 30 bucks to get paid then $20.00 out of that for the monthly fees. Sorry for updating so late in the morning, slept in. The Windows 98 Section has been updated. I posted the channel last night on the default.htm page because I didn't feel like updating this page too, so for the people who checked out the homepage got the goods first. Bye now.

Friday 18th...

3:25 PM John- Bader is starting school tomorrow(that sucks). Updated Windows 98 Section. I want to explain something to you guys... Our ads are useless... nobody clicks on them except Bader and I. I think your logic is that you're the only person who won't click on the ads but soon everyone thinks everyone else is gonna click on the ads but in realty nobody does. So please visit our sponsors or click on any ad on any page. This is a major problem, we need money.... FrontPage 2000 isn't gonna be free. On a lighter note 6000 hits! YES!!!! Have fun.

7:20 AM John- Updated all the pages in the Internet Explorer 5 Section. A channel is in the works. Close to 6,000 hits(Woo-hoo!). Off to hel- I mean school. I got a couple questions about if I get good grades well.... last year I ended up with 5 A's and 2 B's, I think that pretty darn good. And yes, there will be more updates than when we were working on the new design. If it seems we aren't updating a lot it's because school and/or the lack of news. Updated Windows 98 Bugs and Fixes Page. No news to report at this time. Bye.

Thursday 17th...

3:50 PM John- Updated the NT 5 Section. There comes a time in everyone's life when they hear of a 450 MHz Intel Pentium II Processor and start to drool.... I've decided that I want one and damn it I'm gonna get one, along with a new computer and monitor. Yes soon I will have enough funds to buy a new computer and all it's glory. I'll most likely get a Dell Dimension XPF, so it'll be easy to upgrade and will ship fast.  I'll get it in a few months. I might network the new and old computer together to play games over a LAN. Well, I can wait 'till the day comes when I get this baby. And if they come out with a faster processor I'll get that one(duh!?!?).

7:20 AM John- Microsoft has finally took NT 5 Beta I off their Germany Download Site(Source-ICQ#17981522). Updated links page. DAMN SCHOOL!  What do you think of the new design, don't yell into you monitor, e-mail us your questions/comments. In IE4 or 5 to view this site correctly go to View/Internet Options.../General/Accessibility uncheck all the options.  Also you need the Verdana font and the Tahoma font.  It turns out Bader won't be able to get NT 5 Beta II so he'll have to do review on the build he downloaded. IE 5 page updated.

3:00 AM Bader- Hi, no great news at this hour. If you use McAfee Virus Scan 3.x you can download a new virus pattern from McAfee's Website. That's all for now.

Wednesday 16th...

3:10 PM John- Sorry for the slight delay we had some server problems.  A Whole New Design: We've made this new design to make it easier to navigate through the site. The frames have been removed and slight changes were made to the sections available.

Introducing the New Design

   Where did everything go, Tips and Tricks, Bugs, Easter Eggs, Downloads...
Don't worry, everything is still there. The main tips and tricks area, downloads area, old news, reviews, and other things are to be found in the
Miscellaneous Section. News, Info and downloads which are related to a specific product are to be found in that products section. For example, if you want to see a list of bugs and downloads related to Windows 98 go to the Windows 98 Section and everything is there.           

   We've updated almost every page with new content. We've done almost every we can to make the site better, but if you can think of more stuff we should/could do drop us a line.  If you have any problems e-mail us reporting the problem. The counter is now near the bottom of the page. All the posts for last five days in our old site are now archived.

07:20 John- Well after days of hard the design is done, now comes the task of deciding when to post it..... Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  I like Sunday.  Okay Sunday it is.  Just joking, our new design will be uploaded 3:00 PM PST today. Noting new on the news front. See you with the design at 3.

September 15, 1998

  • 04:00 PM John- Had a lot of homework.  Got a new counter.   No news to report.  The design will be up a soon as we finish. unless we finish tomorrow.  sorry for such a short post....  I hate when web masters do that :-).

  • 07:20 AM John- I don't know if we're done with the design... I think we are but who knows... I've decided that when we finish the design we'll post it then or the next day unless we encounter some problems... which we have.  Well looks like are design will be up before the weekend(maybe).  IE 5 public beta(beta II) will probably be released in mid-October.  Someone has broken the code.....  Raze2 of Netigen Web has well..... kinda hacked and found our new design.  He used a service that tracks your referrals and I? linked to him so two and two.  I asked him not to tell anyone so hopefully this will remain a secret.   He says he will soon link to me, cool!  I love getting linked by people I look up to and then being put in the same category as them. 

  • 06:35 AM Bader- Office 97 Service release 2 is released. Download it now from Office Update.For more information check out the Service Release Fact Sheet.

September 14, 1998

  • 03:05 PM John- Okay no news to fill you in on.  I'm getting a new counter/tracker.  If you know of a good one that's free e-mail us.  No news about our new design.  Bader now has NT 5 Beta and says that it good.  One new features is the CD player is replaced by the Deluxe CD player of Plus!98.  Maybe I will get NT 5.  John's Windows Info page has a new design... neato.  Got a lot of homework today but now the I really have the need to finish it, it goes by a lot faster.  We will have an NT 5 beta review up when our new design is launched.  Bader might be able to Office 2000 soon too.  He know someone who gets a lot of beta software, did you say FrontPage 2000?  Well we're done here...

  • 07:20 AM John- We're experiencing some server difficulties, sorry for the inconvenience.  The new design will require IE 4 or IE 5 for the CSS and DHTML we're using.  The new design won't have a lot of graphics(except screenshots) and won't have a lot of DHTML so it will load a whole lot faster.  We have tons of sceenshots and are adding more daily.  We'll also have a lot more tips.   It's really sharp looking and the final posting of the new design yesterday is bug free so far.  I made a lot more progress than I thought I would this weekend.  Data Access Bug fix.   Off to school for me.  Bader had modem troubles so there might be a slight delay, maybe, I going pretty well overall.  See you guys(and gals) at 3:00.

September 13, 1998

  • 09:30 AM John- There is no news..... this will probably be my only update today.  I've got homework... and Bader, I post the updated design.   Well I'm done for the most part with the design.  Bader will put some last touches and add some more content then I'll finish it off and post it.  If we finish it on Thursday I'll post it on Saturday to make sure it's perfect and flaw free.  I can't be sure when we'll be finished.  Hello... Goodbye.

September 12, 1998

  • 10:25 AM John- The NT 5 page has been updated.

  • 09:47 AM John- Our design is going well...... we might be able to get it(the new design) up earlier than we thought.  Here's another screenshot of our new design in the final stages.  That's all for now.

  • 02:00 AM Bader- Hi everyone. This is the first update I ever did on this page.  Microsoft has released new documentation for Chromeffects, the new interactive media add-on for Windows 98. Check it out at Sitebuilder Network.

September 11, 1998

  • 03:20 PM John- MS accidentally has NT 5 for public download.   This site is in German but the OS is in.  English NT 5.0 1814 Server and Workstation for x86 machines,and NT 5.0 1814 Server and Workstation for Alpha machines.  This is on a MS server so it is most likely not illegal.  If you are going to download this remember it's a OS not a browser, it will take hour to download the OS.

  • 07:20 AM John- Good morning!  Have a good night's rest?   Anyway, our design is in final beta stages, still stuff to be fixed but everything is going well.  We've changed the design many times making minor changes but now we're done with the design.  We still have to add some screenshots and reviews, etc. but all-in-all it's going smother than I thought.  The new design will not be released next week but MAYBE Saturday the 19th.  We want it to be flaw free for your viewing pleasure.  I recommend you download IE 4 or IE 5 to view the new design.  My dad suprised me with a new Canon Ink Jet color printer.  It prints great. Our old printer was a tractor feed non-color printer(we got it for free that's why it sucked).  MS confidential has been updated.


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