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Windows 98

Windows 2000
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Windows 2000 Screenshots

Windows NT 5 Welcome Screen

My Computer

Folder Options

Folder Options II

New Find Files of Folders

New Save as

Hibernate Feature

New/Updated Backup and Recovery Features

Thumbnail Browsing

New Disk Defrag

Mouse Properties

Start Menu ToolTips?

New arrows at the bottom of the Start Menu(Hard to Explain)

Windows NT 5 start menu organizer(notice the Windows 95 on the start menu picture...  MS seems to repeat their mistakes don't they)

Windows NT 5 Setup Wizard

The New Add/Remove Programs Wizard

The redesigned Internet Properties Security tab

Windows NT 5 Browse dialog box

Easier customization for your desktop

The new Search bar for local searches

NT5's Control Panel in the Start Menu

The new redesigned Sound Properties

Windows NT5's Start menu

Windows NT5 Compiled HTML Help

Add/Remove Components

Windows NT Diagnostics

Power Management Properties

The New Shutdown dialog box

Deluxe CD Player; Now included with NT5

Windows NT Task Manager


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