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Windows 2000 Downloads

Download Updates from Windows Update.

Attention NT 5.0 Testers

Microsoft has posted an updated MSDIS109.DLL, needed for running Dumpexam. Dumpexam is:
"..included in the support directory for Windows NT 5 Beta can be used to examine crash dump files when troubleshooting. In order to run this utility, you'll need this DLL."

Download either the x86 version in self extracting format, or the Alpha version.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for Windows NT 5.0

The Microsoft Windows NT Server network operating system version 5.0 includes an enhanced implementation of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). This includes integration of DHCP with domain name system (DNS), enhanced monitoring and statistical reporting for DHCP servers, new vendor-specific options and user-class support, multicast address allocation, rogue DHCP server detection, and Active Directory integration.

Download Now!

Windows NT 5.0 Group Policy

This paper describes Windows NT 5.0 Group Policy, and includes information on Group Policy infrastructure and mechanics, Group Policy Editor (an administrative tool) and its capabilities, extending the Group Policy functionality, and using Group Policy on stand-alone computers.

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Windows NT Option Pack Update for IIS Available for Download

Download this update from the link below:



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