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Windows 2000 New Features

Check out more new features in Microsoft's White Paper.

Task Manager:
- Monitor your computer’s performance
- Obtain information about running programs and processes
- End a program or process

Task Manager provides information about programs and processes running on your computer and displays the most commonly used performance measures for processes.

Use Task Manager to monitor key indicators of your computer’s performance. You can quickly see the status of the programs that are running and end programs that have stopped responding. You can also assess the activity of running processes using as many as 15 parameters, and see graphs and data on CPU and memory usage.

Adaptive Menus:
Specifies that Windows NT will hide menu items that have not been used recently. To see the hidden items, click the chevron at the bottom of the menu. To bring a hidden item back to the current menu, click it.

When your computer hibernates, it stores whatever it has in memory on your hard disk and then shuts down. When your computer comes out of hibernation, it returns to its previous state.

Search Bar:
Replaces the Find in the start menu, has all the old features and more. You can open the search bar in any Explorer windows or Internet Explorer and search for Files, Folders, Computers and On the internet.

Active Desktop Enhancements:
Besides the ability to resize Active desktop components, you can now maximize them to cover the whole desktop, split the desktop between the active desktop items and the icons, and more customization features.

Icon Views:
- You don't have to enable Thumbnail View for each folder any more. It is enabled by default for all folders.
- You can now choose the columns you want to be available in Details View.

Customizable Toolbars:
You can customize the Toolbar buttons for Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, by adding the ones you prefer and removing those you never use at all.

Browse Dialog Box:
Enhancements include shortcuts to My Documents, Desktop, Favorites, Network Places and History on the left side of the dialog box.  You can view large icons, small icons, list, details and even Thumbnail view. A back button is available besides the Up One Level button.

New Webviews:
The New Customize this Folder Wizard allows you to choose from Basic, Classic, IE4 Style, Starter and Image Preview webviews. Image Preview is really great for your pictures folders, and the Starters webview is good for beginners who want to create their own webview.

Multiple Language Support:
One of the best features in NT5 is that there is only one version of the operating system that has support for all major languages.

Deluxe CD Player
The Deluxe CD Player is a standard unlike Windows 98 which requires you to buy Plus!98.


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