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Windows 98 Easter Eggs

Windows 98 Easter Egg
To display the Windows 98 Easter Egg, do the following:

Double-click on the clock in the System tray to open the Date/Time Properties dialog box.

  • Click on the Time Zone tab.
  • While holding down the Control key, click and drag from Cairo, Egypt (Point 1) to Memphis, Tennessee (Point 2). You won't notice anything yet.
  • Hold down the Control key again, click and drag from Memphis, Tennessee (Point 2) to Redmond, Washington (Point 3).
  • That's it. Enjoy watching. Click here for a Screen Shot of the Easter Egg.

Easter Egg

3D Screensaver Secret
Right-click on your desktop and select Properties. In the Screensavers tab choose 3D Text and click Settings. In the text box type Volcano. Next time you start the screensaver you will notice different volcano names displayed.


Hidden Windows Feature
We don't know what this is supposed to be but I think its an incomplete feature left for some reason. When you hold down Control and click the Taskbar and Start menu item in the Settings Folder, a new hidden tab becomes viewable.
Note: This may be a bug.



Windows 98 - Eject PC
Open the start menu and in the Program folder right click on any shortcut ( make sure this is not MS DOS Prompt or a folder ) and choose properties. 

  • Click on the Change Icon to change the icon, and double click the already selected icon, then press OK to exit the properties window.
  • Go back to the start menu and move your mouse just below Shut Down. A  little arrow should be appear just below it, so just move the mouse over it You will see the start menu slide down a little. And you should see Eject PC (!??).
    Note: This may be a bug. (From- Active Windows)



Copyrightę 1998 of The Code Name: Windows 98 Team