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Plus! 98

Plus! 98 Tips and Tricks Plus! 98 Easter Eggs

Microsoft Plus! 98 enhances your work and play with the following suite of features:

  • McAfee VirusScan- Protect your computer with Network Associates' top-selling anti-virus software. You also receive six months of free updates for the latest virus fixes. McAfee VirusScan integrates with Windows 98 Maintenance Wizard, so you can schedule routine system checks.
  • Desktop Themes- Customize your wallpaper, screen savers, cursors, sounds, and more with new themes including Falling Leaves, World Traveler, Science Fiction, and favorite cartoons such as Cathy, Doonesbury, and Garfield. Some of these themes have 3D screen savers for exciting visuals!
  • File Cleaner- Go beyond routine cleaning to free hard drive space on demand. Identify unnecessary files and delete them.
  • Start Menu Cleaner- Organize your Start Menu by removing broken links and empty folders. The Start Menu Cleaner is added to the Windows 98 Maintenance Wizard so clean up can occur at scheduled times.
  • Compressed Folders- Save hard disk space by using compressed folders to store files and run programs with up to 90 percent compression.
  • Deluxe CD Player- Place your favorite CD in your computer and, with an Internet connection, you can instantly access information about the songs, the artist, and related music topics.
  • Microsoft Picture It! Express- Manipulate and convert images with Picture It! Express, a basic version of Microsoft Picture It!
  • Lose Your Marbles- Get hooked playing this top-rated SegaSoft game. Test your skills against the computer to see who loses their marbles first.
  • Spider Solitaire- Challenge yourself with this two-deck version of the classic solitaire game. To win, you'll have to weave a new strategy.
  • Golf 1998 Lite- Ace, birdie, par? Better your handicap in your spare time by playing a few rounds. The basic version of the popular Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition offers 9-hole play on one of the most beautiful courses a PC has ever seen.

Copyrightę 1998 of The Code Name: Windows 98 Team