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Plus! 98 Tips & Tricks

Q: How do I access Microsoft Plus! 98 features once they've been installed?

A: Click Start, point to Programs and Microsoft Plus!98, and click the game, accessory, or wizard you want.

Improve your putting in Microsoft Golf 1998 Lite.

Microsoft Plus! 98 includes a scaled-down version of Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition. Here are some putting tips:

  • To read breaks in the green, listen to game commentary.
  • Use a wedge or middle iron to land on the green from rough or sand — don’t try to putt.
  • Use the grid to see terrain details.
Choose and customize a desktop theme.

Microsoft Plus! 98 includes more than a dozen new desktop themes, and you can choose to apply all or some of the elements of the themes. To choose and customize a theme:

  1. From the Microsoft Plus!98 menu, choose Desktop Themes.
  2. Click a theme from the dropdown menu in the Theme dialog box.
  3. Clear the elements you don’t want, click Apply, and then click OK. Changes go into effect when you restart your computer.

Bonus Tip: Are you bored with a theme? Open Desktop Themes, select Rotate Theme Monthly, and then click Apply and OK.

Try this strategy for Spider Solitaire.

Microsoft Plus! 98 comes with a super-charged, double-deck card game called Spider Solitaire. The goal is to line up all eight suits in order from King to Ace. Not every game is winnable, but strategy is crucial if you plan to win. The best secret? Spider Solitaire has an Undo command—so if there are two or more possibilities, use Undo to try them both and choose the most advantageous. The only time you can’t use Undo is when you’ve dealt a new row, so save the game just before you deal and you can always revert to the saved game.

Undo changes in Picture It! Express.

Take pictures with a digital camera or scan them into your computer, and you can use Microsoft Picture it!« Express to correct redeye and tint, and add special effects. If you make a change and don’t like the result, there are several ways to undo the action, depending on where you are in the program:

  • If you are in the task pane, click Cancel.
  • If you finished a task and clicked Done, from the Edit menu, click Undo.
  • If you saved along the way and made other changes, from the File menu, click Return to Last Save.
Q: How do I keep my McAfee VirusScan up to date?

A: To update your McAfee« VirusScan program (which comes with Microsoft Plus!98) with the several hundred new viruses discovered each month:

  1. Click Start, point to Settings, Programs, Microsoft Plus! 98, and McAfee VirusScan, and click VirusScan.
  2. From the File menu, click Update.
  3. Once updated, click OK to start a scan using the updated information.

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