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Plus! 98 Easter Eggs

Credits Easter Egg

   To view the Plus!98 Easter Egg, simply open the Deluxe CD Player and choose Playlist from the menu that appears when you click the Options button (make sure there is a music CD in the drive first). Then, expand the playlist for the CD that is in the drive, choose any song and click the Edit Playlist button. Type Microsoft Plus!98 Product Team as the name of the artist and Credits as the name of the song title. Hold down the Ctrl key and click Cancel. Now, a new group will appear in the Album Information list box called "Microsoft Plus!98 Product Team." Expand the group to see the various Plus!98 teams at Microsoft and the people that worked on the product.

Plus!98 Unnoticed Mouse Cursor

   Many of us didn't notice this before but here it is. The busy mouse cursor for the Inside My Computer theme is a monitor with the number 101011 scrolling. This binary string, translated into ASCII is actually "+"  which stands for Plus!.  This also work for Plus! 95.

Hidden Playboy Theme

Go to the Control Panel and open the Desktop Themes applet. Type gimme ten times and watch the results!

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