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Office 2000
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Office 2000 Screenshots

Office 2000's Setup Wizard

Office 2000's Setup Wizard 2

Office 2000 Maintenance Mode

Customize Office Toolbars

FrontPage 2000

FrontPage 2000's Color Picker

Word 2000 About box

Excel 2000 About box

PowerPoint 2000 About box

Outlook 2000 About box

Access 2000 About box

Office(Word) 2000's seamless HTML integration

Open file

Word's Themes

Word's Hyperlink feature updated

Word 2000 screenshot

Access 2000 screenshot

Another Access 2000 screenshot

Excel 2000 screenshot

Outlook 2000 screenshot

Outlook 2000 Browsing Feature

PowerPoint 2000 screenshot

Components Add/Remove

PowerPoints's 3 pane preview


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