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Office 2000 New Features

Here's a list of some new features available in Office 2000 products:

Office 2000

  • Work with documents interchangeably in their native formats or as HTML files
  • Support of threaded discussions which allows you to add comments to documents and share them over the Web
  • Customizes menus and toolbars with the commands you use most often
  • Install On Demand feature

Word 2000

  • Preserves all (even unrecognized) HTML tags
  • Themes to use in your documents(like FrontPage 98)
  • WYSIWYG frames
  • Personalized menus
  • Click-n-Type anywhere on the page
  • DHTML Support

Excel 2000

  • Save to HTML
  • Refreshable charts tied to PivotTables
  • Autoformat PivotTables
  • Interactive charting on the Web
  • Drag and drop data from browser
  • Enhanced Web queries
  • See-Through View

PowerPoint 2000

  • Tri-pane view
  • Save files to HTML
  • Save directly to Web server
  • Fit to window
  • AutoFit slide text
  • Table-creation capabilities
  • Autonumbered bullets
  • Presentation broadcast

Access 2000

  • Save to earlier versions of Access
  • Outlook-like database Explorer
  • Automatic updates of database objects on name changes
  • Unicode support for foreign languages
  • Drag and drop data to Excel

Outlook 2000

  • Web pages displayed within Outlook
  • Web-publishable calendars
  • Toolbar shortcuts to files, folders and Web pages
  • Contact activity tracked
  • Rules applied to any folder, any time
  • Distribution lists draw from one or more Contacts folders

Copyrightę 1998 of The Code Name: Windows 98 Team