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Office 2000 Beta 2 Review

By John Jensen

Office 2000/Introduction

   Microsoft's Office suite is the most popular productivity suite for homes and businesses alike and this version of Office lives up to and surpasses it's predecessors. In this(extremely, extremely great :-) three page review I'll talk about many of the new features, good and bad, in Office 2000 Beta Products. I won't review certain products that I'm not familiar with, like Access 2000, I don't use databases.

   There are many shared features in Office 2000 programs, like: The ability to save anything to an *.htm(or *.html) or it's native format; All the menus now features a chevron that has all your least used features(click on it to expand the menu which will show all the items) just like Windows 2000; And finally, most of the programs have a feature where you can send the file via e-mail by clicking on an e-mail button and typing in the address and all with an interface similar to Outlook 2000, it even uses Outlook 2000's address book.

   The new Office Assistant, Rocky, is out of the confines of the little window, helps more, and is more in-depth, but Microsoft has failed to make Rocky un-annoying. Although when you're bored and need entertainment he can be quite amusing. The maintence mode is a great idea, just like with IE 5 if you have a bad install it most likely will be fixed if you run the repair thing  once.

Word 2000

   It seems like Word 2000 is the main focus of the Office 2000 developers, it has so many cool features that practically make your jaw drop to the floor. Word 2000 is a comparable website management tool to FrontPage 2000 (FrontPage 2000 is by far better for serious Web developers).

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