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3D Color Changer '99

Swat 2

Office 2000

3D Color Changer '99

By John Jensen

   Recently the CEO and owner(Janek Szulew or JoteS) of JaSMiN Co., a software company that make tons of great software, gave me an opportunity to look at 3DCC99 in all it's glory. If you think JaSMiN is some stupid, useless software company that makes cheap progz that end up getting downloaded by you, but never being used, think again. JaSMiN is a real software company..... okay, okay they don't press their own CD's, but they give us techies the power to customize, customize, and customize! They make software that is fun and easy!

   3DCC98 was and still is great, but this 3DCC('99) is far better.... loading a theme is extremely easy: all you have to do is open it and it's that simple..... who needs to open the program open, no one(I know it doesn't make sense, but it's dramatic!). Now you have the same access of the windows color changer(click on an item and it's selected), which makes this prog con free! In fact this app is BETTER than the windows one...... now that the click and select feature is included. To top it off there is a ToolTip box(see below screenshot) and very explanatory help.

   Okay there is one con: it is hard to notice the uninstall feature in the setup; perhaps putting it on the first page of the setup would be easier to notice.... I'm a computer nerd and it was difficult even for me to find the uninstall option. On a scale from 1-10 3DCC'99 is a perfect ten(10)! Thanks JoteS for the cool opportunity to beta test for JaSMiN!

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Visit Windows98 JoteSite, the home of JaSMiN Co.

Swat 2

By Matthew Lawyer

   This game is a good game especially if you like games like Command and Conquer because, it is just like it except it has Cops instead Allies and Terrorists and instead of enemy soldiers. I also like this game because it was it has real life missions and scenarios like robberies, Domestic Abuse, etc. If you like role playing games this will also tickle your fancy. And if you don't like to be the good guy you don't have to, you can also play as the terrorist. One bad thing about being a terrorist is that you don't have the weapons or gizmos that the police do. So it is much harder than playing as the SWAT Team. Another thing is that you can only control three bad guys at one time and five good guys at once. This game also has a lot of levels(15 each side) that can make anybody frustrated. So, for those of you who don't like when people tell how a game is, try it for your self.

    One of the coolest features is the multiplayer feature you WON.net. It's pretty cool and fast paced. I also like the AutoUpdate feature in Serria Utilities which automatically checks for updates. A Kickass feature in the game is the map maker which allows to make maps or download them in to a special folder. On a scale form 1-10 this game is a 7.


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