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January 12, 1999

12:00 PM John- Well, this our first update on this "sub-site". Okay, okay I know what some of you are thinking that because we're into Windows 98, Windows 2000, IE 5, Office 2000, etc. we can't love games..... far from the truth we love games, and this is our little site in honor of really fun games. The coolest, in my (John) opinion, is C&C 2: Tiberian Sun, the sequel to the famed Command & Conquer. But, of course Ken or Sean might like 10Six, Duke Forever, or Quake 3..... We are looking for some other games and we need your help, e-mail us at Thank you for visiting and remember to stash us in your Favorites..... This "sub-site" will be updated constantly with all the latest gaming news!

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