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C&C 2: Tiberian Sun
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C&C 2: Tiberian Sun
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C&C: TS - Screen Shots

ingame07[1].jpg (101080 bytes)A dark battle in an urban area.

ingame03[1].jpg (110059 bytes)Wow! Shows the great lighting effects in TS.

ingame08[1].jpg (103116 bytes)Can't you just hear the explosions?

screenshot17[1].jpg (171371 bytes)A small GDI attack on a NOD base. Note: this may be a FAKE screen shot.

ingame17[1].jpg (171745 bytes)A shot full of action. Note: this may be a FAKE screen shot.

ingame05[1].jpg (124892 bytes)An Urban Assault by the NODs. Look like the GDI s are trying to defend the city.

ingame09[1].jpg (121050 bytes)Some GDI Hover MRLS' take some NODs crossing a bridge.

ingame15[1].jpg (169505 bytes)GDI attacking a NOD base.

ingame16[1].jpg (171075 bytes)The bridge collapses due to the battle.

pcg1[1].jpg (203868 bytes)A small battle. A glimpse at the Orcas (attack), the snow terrain, and how water reflects stuff.

pcg3[1].jpg (166780 bytes)Shows some more lighting effects and a cool explosion.

sshq5[1].jpg (129294 bytes)NODs get into a GDI base via the Subterranean APC.

sshq6[1].jpg (372689 bytes)Another small battle between the NOD and GDI...